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Aesthetic Medical Clinic

Starting an Aesthetic Medical Clinic

As human beings, we always seek to have an above edge when it comes to beauty. This makes the aesthetic medical clinic a viable business idea to benefit from the high demand for beauty improvement services.

To start this business, there are many things that you need to get right to ensure that you run the business smoothly. Some of the things that you need to pay attention to when starting your aesthetic medical clinic are highlighted below:

  • Location

One of the factors behind the success of a business is its location, and in the aesthetic improvement service, this factor is not to be ignored. You need to set up your enterprise in an area that your potential clients are located for productivity.

You can locate your clinic in a highly-populated area or someplace frequented mostly for beauty purposes, such as in a mall.

  • Licenses

Another thing that you should not forget when starting is the licenses. Licenses are a mark of integrity and portray your business as credible to handle whatever issue brought forward. The medical license is among the most critical permits you need to have apart from the business’ operating permission. 

A medical license is essential if you are offering intrusive procedures such as Botox injections or acne treatment.

  • The Right Personnel

You do not want to start your business with flops due to a lack of proper personnel. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have the right qualified staff in your clinic to ensure that all services you offer are offered to their best.

You have the right personnel and maybe the attraction to your clinic, depending on how they handle the job at hand.

  • Equipment

You also need to have the right set of equipment for your clinic to start. With the right equipment, you will begin with the peak to handle any condition brought to you effectively.

Some of the equipment that you can acquire for your clinic include special seats and beds, laser machines, and skincare equipment, among many others.

Aesthetic Medical Clinic Business Plan


Every serious business needs a business plan that acts as a guiding tool to achieve the company’s set goals. In the aesthetic medical clinic setup, a business plan is as essential as it comes.

With a well-crafted business plan, you can oversee the business through each step it goes and ensures that it makes much out of every action. In the business plan for your business setup, there are many considerations that you need to factor in to manage your business efficiently.

Below are some of the critical considerations for your business.

  • The Goal Of Your Business

Before you get your business up from the ground, you need to have a clear purpose as to why you are setting it up. With a significant target for setting up your business, you have an idea of the bearing that you want your business to take.

This will also guide you on how to conduct your daily activities with your set goal. You may have included the various purposes for setting up this business for profit or to bring beauty services closer to the demand pool. Whatever the goal, ensure you abide by its rules.

  • Labor

Labor is s significant consideration and will dictate of your business will be successful or not. When it comes to employment, you need to get the right personnel with the right skills. This ensures all aspects of your business are carried out smoothly with all your clients satisfied.

Make sure every specialty in your clinic has the right qualifications suitable for the scope of work they are tackling for the best overall results.

  • Marketing And Advertisement

You also need to have the proper measures on how you will create awareness of your business to attract clients. Clients are the primary source of revenue to your clinic, and as such, you need to have them throughout to make sure your business remains afloat.

As a result, you need to come up with practical and creative advertising and marketing strategies that will expose you to a pool of potential clients. Set advertisement signs in places where you are sure the market is concentrated, such as malls and shopping complexes. Also, make a bid to visit and participate in beauty conferences and fairs to get closer to your clients.

You can get your marketing team on the ground to hand out flyers and business cards if you want to go on a low-budget advertising spree.

  • Competitor Analysis

Another factor for consideration is your competitor. You should never at any moment underestimate your competitor and always ensure that the ball is in your court. You need to analyze your competitor and take advantage of its weakness to make you stand out.

Having figured out your competitor, you have an idea of how to maintain a steady stream of clients to your clinic.

  • Industry Background

The industry background is a factor that you also need to put into consideration in your business plan. This should include the state of the industry in terms of development, the number of players, the demand for services to be offered, and the hurdles that may be present.

With a clear view of the industry, you can develop strategies on how to take advantage of it and how to adapt to the survival of your clinic.

These are some considerations that you need to get right for your aesthetic medical clinic in your business plan. These considerations work as a guide or manual in running your business in the desired direction.

A Guide To Maximizing Your Profits From Aesthetic Medical Clinic


At this moment, you have your business up and running, and at least you are done with one hurdle, which is setting up the clinic. One hurdle that you definitely will face in the future is the clinic standing on its own feet, capable of self-sustenance.

To ensure that the clinic can stand up on its own, you need to improve its revenue, growing its profitability. There are many ways in which you can maximize your clinic’s profits, as highlighted below.

  • Create Much Exposure To It

One way to maximize your profits is by getting your clinic exposed to the public and form the demand channel clients who appreciate the services. Your clientele base will improve once you create exposure for your business which is usually by advertising and marketing your aesthetic medical clinic.

As earlier hinted, advertising is the key to attracting clients from the demand pool, which will result in an increase in profits due to the rise in the number of clients.

  • Diversify Your Services

Another way you can maximize your profits is by diversifying the services you offer at your clinic. You can bring a range of services to your clinic to ensure that there is no instance whatsoever where you will turn back a client because you do not have a specific service.

Have all services that your premises can accommodate comfortably together with the professionals handling its services. With many services under one roof, you can channel all clients to your entity, hence increasing your clinic’s productivity in profits.

  • Conduct A Market Research

One of the most underrated moves when it comes to maximizing your profits is conducting market research. When conducting market research, you look at the various loopholes in the market and industry at large that you can take advantage of.

The various loopholes may be in taxation where it may be low or subsidized or competitor where your competitor is lax.

  • Minimize Operation Costs

You can also widen your profit margin by minimizing operation costs in your clinic. For example, you may choose a location that is way affordable in premises’ rent but also has a strong market capability.

You can also opt for sterilization of instruments in your clinic instead of purchasing new devices, which are way more costly.

  • Use Your Labor Pool Efficiently

Your labor pool is one of your significant assets in this business setting and is capable of raking you massive profits if used well.

First of all, you need to ensure that you have only the necessary personnel at your clinic. This means that you hire only on a need basis and do not fill up your clinic with insignificant staff. This can help cut costs that come with the payment of wages.

You can also motivate your clinic’s staff and ensure that they work to their best to improve the revenue of your business. You can use these moves in a bid to maximize your profits and have your business up on its feet.

Types Of Aesthetic Medical Laser Treatment

One of the medical procedures that is gaining much appeal nowadays in aesthetic health is medical laser treatment. This treatment procedure is known for its precision, speed and it is, in most cases, a bloodless procedure that is less messy.

Laser treatment is also used in various conditions, and below are types of aesthetic medical clinic laser treatment procedures that you can introduce in your clinic for diversification.

  • Laser Tattoo Removal


Nowadays, tattoos are some of the most popular body art modifications that we can easily spot around. The tattoos are mainly worn for aesthetic purposes. Many opt for permanent tattoos, which are etched on the body forever.

A popular notion is that if you get a tattoo, you will live with it for the rest of your life. While this may be true, it has to be noted that it can be done if you want to get it removed.

This is courtesy of laser tattoo removal that removes the ink on your skin by disintegrating it, making it possible to be gotten rid of from your body. With tattoos going mainstream and many people having one even in the workplace setting, there are some mistakes in tattoos that many would want to get rid of.

This means if you set up your aesthetic medical clinic, you can have the laser tattoo removal service to benefit from this demand. Ensure you have the right specialist to man the laser equipment to prevent things from going awry.

  • Hair Removal


Hair can be such a menace, especially if it grows in unwanted places in the body. This is mainly seen with facial hair in ladies, where it can be such an unwanted sight. Hair may also grow in other places where it is undesirable or risks certain conditions such as rashes and itchiness.

There are many hair removal procedures that you can incorporate into your clinical practice to serve the needs of this service. These services range from the standard hair shave and tweezing to waxing. You can also have laser hair removal services for clients who want a long-term hair-free period.

You need to have the right equipment and personnel for hair removal services, such as barbers and laser specialists. For equipment, you need to get a range of hair shavers, wax heaters, and laser equipment to kick up your business.

  • Skin Rejuvenation


When talking about beauty, a youthful appearance is deemed to be more beautiful. This is the main aim of skin rejuvenation where it makes your skin look younger by eliminating flaws such as wrinkles, acne, and stretch marks.

There are many skin rejuvenation procedures that you can have in your clinic to serve the purpose of beautification. You can have a spa treatment, massages, and application of certain creams and lotions to improve skin integrity. You can also have surgical procedures for skin rejuvenation with different levels of invasiveness to the skin.

Skin rejuvenation also requires the right personnel to achieve perfection, and you need to get this personal. For example, for surgical procedures in rejuvenation, you need qualified medical professionals such as a plastic surgeon who has been licensed to operate.

  • Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions that affect many and is also loathed. It mostly appears on the face, making one feel conscious of their appearance. They are caused by many factors such as infections and also hormonal changes.

The good thing is that there are various treatment options that you can have in your clinic to help clients deal with this condition. This may range from creams and ointments to having medicated facial masks to deal with the problem.

As acne affects many people and having its treatment as part of your services will bring you many clients. Having a dermatologist in your team can be an asset in such a situation for consultation purposes. This is in addition to them handling the acne treatment procedures.

  • Vascular Lesions


Vascular lesions are skin diseases and conditions that arise from or affect the blood and lymphatic vessels. They may appear as tumor growths or even discolored patches on the skin, something like birthmarks. When they present themselves in a visible spot on the skin, such as in the face or head, they may become a source of anguish to the affected aesthetically.

This makes many affected seek medical attention to clear off these lesions and smile their way to beauty. There are many procedures present to treat this condition and include methods such as laser surgery, which is said to be the most effective treatment for this condition.

Other procedures include the application of ointments for patches to give them a uniform color and conceal them. For visible tumors and growths, invasive surgical procedures may be employed to remove them.

You can have some of these services at your work premises, but they also need a professional and experienced hand to deal with vascular lesions effectively.

How To Choose The Best Aesthetic Equipment For Your Aesthetic Clinic


To have your aesthetic medical clinic up and running with clients filling up the waiting lounge, you need to have the right equipment. The equipment boasts the prestigious aspect of your clinic and ensures that all services are handled efficiently and with the utmost care.

To get the right equipment for your clinic, there are many factors that you should look into for you to get the right equipment. Some of the considerations that you should have when acquiring such equipment are highlighted below.

  • The Cost Of The Equipment To Be Purchased

You need to look at the cost of the equipment you need to purchase and determine whether it is within your budget range. Most of the aesthetic clinic’s equipment costs a fortune, and hence you need to have a proper budget plan to see how you are going to make the purchase.

Go for affordable equipment according to your financial status to avoid making your business go bankrupt. You may also opt for second-hand equipment, which is way cheaper and may be of good quality.

  • The Demand In Use Of The Equipment

When deciding on the purchase of your clinic’s equipment, you need to look at the demand in the use of the equipment. For example, if many clients are inquiring about tattoo removal services, it is proper that you get the laser tattoo removal kit to benefit from this demand pool.

Do not go into an equipment buying frenzy where you buy equipment that has no demand for services. This may lead to a collection of obsolete equipment that is rarely used and consumes a lot of storage space and maintenance. 

You need to analyze the return on investment of the equipment and how long it takes for the machine to return your earnings.

  • Availability Of Spares

You also need to look at the availability of the spares of the equipment you intend on purchasing. Go for equipment whose spare parts are readily available in case of any damage. This curbs additional costs that you can incur in looking for these spare parts and also in purchases.

It is advised to get locally made equipment which makes it easier when sourcing for spares. For imported equipment, the chances are high that you will have to also import spares in case of damage that requires urgent replacement.

  • Operation And Maintenance Costs

This is another area that you should look at before making a purchase. Some pieces of equipment may require specialized personnel to run them, which in most times, is costly in hiring them. Also, some pieces of equipment have high operating costs when it comes to resources such as electricity.

Maintenance costs are also a point of consideration and include servicing costs and random exercises such as cleaning.

You need to go for equipment with minimal operation and maintenance costs. A piece of equipment with high values in these two aspects should cover these additional costs; otherwise, it is not a worthy acquisition.

  • Space

You can also get your equipment based on the space that your premises have. If you run a small clinic with minimal space, you should go for equipment that takes less space to provide room in the clinic’s setting. This also provides room for other equipment that you may also want to put on your premises.

  • Available Personnel To Run The Equipment

You need to look at the availability of personnel who can operate the equipment to purchase. Before buying the wanted equipment, you need to ensure that you have the right staff to use the equipment. This is to avoid having the equipment set parking which may defeat its purpose as it needs to run to recoup your investment.

Comparison Of The Best Equipment Lasers Review in 2021


One of the best pieces of equipment that you can have in your aesthetic medical clinic is the laser equipment from Tatto Removal Laser Machine and Hair Removal Machine. Conclusion: there are efficient in getting the job at hand done and solving many issues from hair removal, tattoo removal, and the removal of scars.

As a beauty enhancement clinic, the laser is one piece of equipment that can be described as an asset for your enterprise as you cannot miss clients who want its services. There are many laser equipment in the market that you can pick in suiting your client’s and business’s needs.

Below, you can glance at some of the best laser equipment in the market to help you make the best purchase selection.

1. Medlite C6 ($9,999.00)


The Medlite C6 is a kind of laser equipment in the market that you can acquire for your clinic. It is non-abrasive laser equipment that does not remove any layers of the skin being acted on.

It comes with the photo-acoustic effect, meaning that its combination of high power and nanosecond pulse width act on the skin fast than the relaxation effect of skin. This makes it a piece of fast equipment that gets rid of the skin flaws in such a short time.

Why The Medlite C6 Is A Great Pick

  • It is suitable for dealing with many conditions such as removing tattoos, pigmented lesions, acne scars, wrinkles, and stretch marks.
  • It reduces skin pore size.
  • Helps in general skin rejuvenation and toning.
  • It is non-abrasive hence does not interfere with skin layers.
  • It is fast in the overall skin rejuvenation process owing to its high power.

2. Picosure Tattoo Removal from Cynosure ($25,999.00)

Cynosure Picosure

A bad tattoo is literally like a brand on your skin that is very hard to get rid of, and you may have regrets as to why they took the body modification that far. No need to worry anymore, as, with the picosure tattoo removal kit, you can now console your regrets under the laser beam.

This tattoo removal kit is one of the best in the market and will disintegrate the ink beneath your skin without damaging the surrounding skin.

Why The Cynosure Picosure Tattoo Removal Is The Best

  • The laser equipment delivers ultra-short picosecond pulses of energy to the skin to disintegrate the ink without damaging the surrounding skin.
  • Its precision allows it to direct its beam to only wanted areas of the skin, making it suitable for tattoo modification.
  • Its efficiency reduces the number of sessions that you need to get rid of unwanted tattoos.

3. Picoway Laser ($35,000.00)

picoway laser

When talking about a versatile laser treatment option, then picoway laser should come to your mind. Its versatility is seen in the various conditions; it deals with its compatibility with all skin types. It produces ultra-short pulses of light that aid in skin rejuvenation in tattoo removal, clearing vascular lesions patches, dealing with acne, and removing scar marks.

It is efficient in getting the job done and stimulating collagen production, hence promoting the healing of your skin after the procedure.

Why The Picoway Laser Is The Best

  • It has a low pain threshold in the removal procedure.
  • Minimal visible damage on the surface.
  • Requires few treatment sessions.
  • It stimulates collagen production, which helps in the healing process.
  • It is compatible with all skin types.

4. J-Plasma

The j-plasma laser is a good option, especially where there is a need for skin tightening and getting rid of wrinkles and stretch marks. It is mainly used in skin tightening, where the lasers stimulate collagen and elastin production, making it more firm and youthful-looking.

The laser beams also stimulate fibrous tissue to help smooth out cellulite for a radiating appearance.

Why The J-Plasma Is The Best Pick

  • Efficient in skin tightening.
  • It gets rid of wrinkles, stretch marks, and also aging patches.
  • Requires minimal sessions to get the job done.
  • Stimulates collagen production making it suitable for the fast healing of your skin after the laser procedure.

5. Piqo4 Laser ($15,999.00)

piQo4 laser

The piqo4 laser is a piece of high-quality laser equipment, especially for versatility, as it deals with many conditions. The condition was renowned for dealing with hyperpigmentation, where there are dark patches or spots in the skin. It is also helpful in tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation in addition to the treatment of melasma.

Why The Piqo4 Laser Is The Best Pick

  • The laser beam can create channels for the infusion of medical skin products.
  • It fires both nanosecond and picosecond pulses to treat more significant skin concerns such as tattoos.
  • It has four available wavelengths that improve its efficiency.
  • The piqo4 has high pulse energy that translates to fewer treatment sessions needed for the condition at hand.
  • It is compatible with all skin tones.

6. Discovery Piqo ($39,999.00)

Discovery PICO

Scars tend to leave a permanent mark depending on the injury. If the scar is located in a visible place in the body, such as the face, it may be a source of discomfort.

This is where the discovery piqo enters and solves this problem as it deals appropriately with scar tissues. Additionally, it also comes to aid in skin rejuvenation, hair removal, and getting rid of unwanted tattoos.

Also, its short pulse durations and high pulse power can reach the deepest skin pigmentations and get rid of them.

Why Go For The Discovery Piqo

  • Its high pulse power and short pulse durations make it suitable for the elimination of deep-set pigments.
  • It is suitable for clearing out various skin conditions such as scars, hyperpigmentation, lesions, and unwanted tattoos.
  • This laser has the photo-acoustic effect to act on a select area and leave the surrounding skin intact.

7. Vectus Laser

Unwanted hair is such a menace and can be such a pain in the back when controlling it. There are short-term solutions such as shaving or waxing that do not curb the problem, only maintaining it for the time being.

For an efficient long-term solution to unwanted hair, there is the vectus laser. This laser comes with additional features such as contact cooling and a melanin reader, making it one of the best laser equipment you can lay your hands on.

What Makes The Vectus Laser A Great Pick?

  • Faster laser hair removal for a permanent solution to unwanted hair.
  • It has a large sport size for uniformity and effectiveness in areas with large amounts of unwanted hair, such as the back.
  • The Advanced Contact Cooling feature protects the surrounding epidermis layer of the skin in addition to providing comfort to your client.
  • The Melanin Reader helps provide optimized hair removal procedures dependent on skin and hair type.

8. Gentlemax Pro

The gentlemax pro laser is fit for dealing with a host of conditions that affect the skin. This dual-platform laser effectively deals with conditions such as unwanted hair growth, unwanted tattoos, benign keratosis, and sunspots. 

Additionally, it is also compatible with all skin types and has a lower pain threshold.

Why The Gentlemax Pro Is A Great Option

  • It deals with various conditions without leaving scars on the skin.
  • Due to its high power, fewer sessions are required to deal with the menace at hand.
  • It can also be used in the treatment of broken blood vessels.
  • It does not affect the surrounding areas on the skin surface.
  • It combines three technologies in wavelength distribution to improve its effectiveness.

9. Gentlelase Pro

The gentlelase pro laser is an excellent package as it has the properties needed in hair removal and skin rejuvenation. This makes it a perfect choice for your clinic when offering either of the services.

The laser is also fast in getting the removal or rejuvenation process done and has a low pain threshold, making your clients bearable.

Why Go For The Gentlelase Pro

  • It has a low pain threshold that makes it comfortable for your clients in pain handling.
  • The laser beam does not affect surrounding skin tissue.
  • It comes to aid of various issues such as skin rejuvenation and hair removal. It deals with hyperpigmentation, scars, and also in acne treatment.
  • It is fast in working and ensures you are done with the rejuvenation job in a short time.

10. Lightsheer Desire

The lightsheer desire comes to aid in situations of unwanted hair and also in skin rejuvenation. It helps with tattoo removal, hyperpigmentation, and even acne, among many other issues.

It uses advanced technology intended to improve its overall output in areas such as speed and client comfort.

Why The Lightsheer Desire Is One Of The Best Options

  • The laser employs technology where the skin is cooled as the beam acts on it. This improves pain tolerance and ensures the client is comfortable.
  • The lightsheer desire is fast in work, enabling the completion of tasks in a short while.
  • It has a wider spot size making it useful for areas with large hair concentration.

11. Lightsheer Duet

The lightsheer duet is the perfect companion in dealing with unwanted hair and offers a permanent solution, with the safety aspect being significant. This is an excellent laser in ensuring client comfort and also efficiency where it gets the removal process complete in a short while.

Why The Lightsheer Duet Is A Great Laser Pick

  • Its efficiency and high pulse power ensure that it takes fewer sessions to complete the process.
  • It is high on safety with minimal to no chances of any abrasions.
  • It does not affect the adjacent skin surface.
  • The lightsheer duet is low on pain, making it tolerable to clients.

12. Vbeam Perfecta

The vbeam perfecta is one of the best laser equipment if you judge by the number of conditions it helps in treating. Some of the conditions kickable by this laser include acne scars, removal of tattoos, pigmented lesions.

Additionally, it is verified to be safe and provides clients with the utmost comfort during the procedure.

Why The Vbeam Perfecta Is A Nice Option

  • Assured comfort of clients due to the tolerable pain threshold.
  • It deals with a lot of conditions.
  • It is fast in the entire procedure completing it in a short while.

13. Velashape 3

The velashape 3 is a laser that is perfectly designed to deal with cases of cellulite. It can also treat other conditions such as rosacea and wrinkles in the body.

Why the velashape3 is a great pick

  • It is precise in working thus does not affect adjacent skin surfaces.
  • Fewer treatment sessions are required to complete the treatment procedure.

14. Slimme From Lumenis

Slimme from lumenis is one of the most advanced when it comes to technology and helps in dealing with wrinkles, cellulite, and also in overall skin rejuvenation.

Why Opt For Slimme From Lumenis

  • Simplicity in handling.
  • Reliable and efficient technology.
  • Treatment comfort.
  • You are assured of safety.
  • Fast treatment.

15. Lumenis M22

The lumenis m22 prides itself on being a multi-use laser with proven results in treating over 30 skin conditions. It helps treat acne scars, cellulite, rosacea, unwanted tattoos, and the removal of unwanted hair.

Why The Lumenis M22 Is A Great Pick

  • It does not affect the surrounding skin during the treatment procedure.
  • It can get rid of deep-set pigmentation issues.
  • Treats a variety of conditions.
  • It has tolerable pain levels.


These are some of the laser equipment that you can have in your aesthetic medical clinic. The laser equipment from Metropolis Laser Centre will help you in different situations such as tattoo removal, hair removal, acne treatment, and many other conditions.

Laser treatments are some of the most sought-after services in aesthetic health due to their versatility in dealing with various conditions. Having these services in your clinic with the best equipment from the above picks will undoubtedly put you above in terms of competition and profitability.