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When setting up a medical spa treatment center, you need to consider what services you want to offer to kick start your spa clinic. You can provide tattoo removal services, acne treatment, and laser hair removal, among the many benefits.

Laser hair removal is one of the services that have garnered much attention due to the demand for hair removal services. To feed the market for hair removal services, you can offer hair laser removal as one of the foundations of your medical spa practice.

What Is Laser Hair Removal Machine?

Hair laser removal is the option when usual hair removal methods, such as tweezing and waxing, do not provide the desired results. Hair laser removal involves using laser beams to get rid of unwanted hair, which is done with excellent precision.

For the procedure to be carried out, you are going to need the laser hair removal machine.

Laser Hair Removal: How It Works

The main question that you may have is how the laser hair removal procedure works. The laser hair removal works simply to ensure you have a hairless body skin surface where you need it.

The primary operational unit in laser removal is the laser beam coming from the laser machine. The laser beam works on the principle of selective photothermolysis. Photothermolysis ensures that only select tissues targeted by the laser beam in getting rid of the hair follicles without damaging your skin and the surrounding tissues.

The laser beam targets a specific type of melanin that targets hair and its follicles, responsible for their color resulting in black, blonde, or red hair. The hair allows for selective absorption of the photons of the laser beam, which destroys the follicles and clears hair in the targeted regions. The light is usually converted to heat energy when it finds its way to the hair follicle and hair bulb, which is how it gets rid of the hair.


Light blonde hair or even graying hair can be problematic to clear through the laser as they lack the melanin usually targeted by the laser beam.

As a hair removal technique, using a laser is way effective, especially if the hair is to be cleared either permanently or for a long time. With some sessions, like maybe four or more, you are sure to remove the unwanted hair for such a long time without affecting the surrounding skin surface in either burns or irritation.

History of Laser Hair Removal

With the desire to be hairless dating back to ancient Egypt, where a hairless skin symbolized beauty and affluence, permanent hair removal has been in constant demand. Many ways were developed to deal with unwanted hair, but the results were only short-term.

Fast track in time to the early 1960s was the first experiment using a laser to remove hair made its appearance. The research was conducted by Theodore Maiman, who had come up with the first laser removal prototype.

The laser removal machine came with many downsides, such as being slow and cumbersome and causing much damage to surrounding tissues. Only a few hair follicles could be targeted at the moment, which made the entire process long and tedious, significantly when you factored in pain. Despite the setbacks it came with, the earlier laser removal machine set the foundation for developing laser removal machines.

Improvements and Commercialization

In the 1970s, the first alexandrite laser was developed. It was an improvement from the one developed a decade earlier though it was also slow and could only deal with a few hair follicles at a time. With such a speed, it would take a long time to achieve permanent removal. A noticeable improvement was on the damage on surrounding tissue, which was less compared to its predecessor.

In the 1980s, scientists were able to develop a laser removal machine that utilized a pulse duration that specifically targeted the hair follicle. This development was a huge milestone as it eliminated the risk of damage to surrounding tissue. With minimal risk of injury from the removal procedure, other features were integrated to ensure that the removal process was quick and efficient in clearing away the follicles.

The laser removal machine started being commercialized in the mid-1990s, and it received food and drug administration (FDA) approval. The hair removal machine started being featured in hospitals and Aesthetic Medical clinics. In the 2000s, it was a mainstay in many hospitals to cater to patients who wanted removal services.

By the turn of the 2010s decade, laser removal machines for home use were developed with improved safety measures as their foundation. With improved safety, laser machines can be easily handled by anyone at home who wants to get rid of unwanted hair.

The Benefits and Risks of Hair Removal Laser


Before acquiring the laser removal machine, you need to know its benefits and associated risks to see if it is worth your medical spa investment. Understanding the related dangers of the hair removal laser equipment will enable you to develop suitable measures to minimize the risks. Let us look at some of the benefits and risks that the hair removal laser machine comes with.

Benefits to the Patient

Highlighted below are some of the benefits of the laser hair removal machine to you as a patient.

  • Efficiency

The laser removal machine is well-known for its effectiveness in getting the hair removal job done. It has a 96% chance of clearing all the hair, and it is dependent on how many sessions you opt for. The more laser sessions you attend, the hairless you will be for a long time, if not permanently. It is reported that 3-7 sessions are enough to give you smooth and hairless skin if you opt for the service.

  • Speed

The hair removal laser is also renowned for its speed when it comes to completely removing hair. One session is enough to clear up your hair in a matter of a few minutes. Compared to other removal methods such as tweezing or waxing, laser hair removal is fast in ensuring you achieve hairless skin and appearance.

  • Precision

The precision that the laser remover comes with is one aspect that cannot be overlooked. The pulse duration ensures that hair is gotten rid of only o the targeted areas. Precision is vital in ensuring that the surrounding tissue, such as skin and hair, is not affected during the procedure. It is crucial in preventing secondary tissue damage as a result of the laser beams.

  • You Can Get Multipurpose Laser Machines

There are multipurpose laser machines that are marketed under the laser removal machine tag. The multipurpose laser machines come in various operation modes that you can switch to when the need arises in dealing with other skin conditions.

Among the conditions that the multipurpose laser machines can aid with include tattoo removal, acne treatment, scar removal, and getting rid of skin blemishes such as birthmarks. In your medical spa center, having such a piece of equipment is beneficial as it can deal with various conditions without necessarily acquiring personal equipment for the requirements.

  • Pain Relief

Some of the laser removers come with a cooling mechanism that comes to aid by acting as a pain reliever. The laser removal involves the laser beam being converted to heat energy to destroy the hair follicle. When undergoing the procedure, the pain from the heat might be felt, making it uncomfortable. However, with the cooling mechanism, the pain is bearable and makes for a comfortable removal session.

Compared to other removal modes such as waxing, laser removal is more comfortable when it comes to the pain threshold.

  • No Case of Ingrown Hair Or Razor Bumps

One benefit of laser removal is that there are no pronounced side effects, such as the painful ingrown hairs or razor bumps that come with waxing and shaving, respectively. Ingrown hairs or razor bumps are very unsightly. They can be very costly when dealing with them in the purchase of medication or visiting a physician to deal with the irritation.

Laser hair removal does not come with such side effects.

Benefits to You as the Laser Hair Removal Practitioner

  • Increased Revenue

Having this equipment in your medical spa clinic has the effect of increasing the revenue that your enterprise earns. The increased revenue comes from tapping into the deep demand pool of removal services that many people need.

  • Improved Credence of Your Enterprise

Also, having the removal machine in your clinic is going to strengthen its credibility to potential clients. Clients are going to look at the equipment you have to judge on the prestige of your clinic. With the removal laser machine, your outlook will improve as clients will see your practice as a severe clinic offering a variety of spa services.

  • Gives You an Edge above Your Competition

You are also going to get ahead of your competition with the acquisition of laser removal equipment. It is so, especially if your direct competition does not have the equipment. The effect is that you will attract droves of clients even from your competitor who wants professional removal services.

Risks Associated with Laser Hair Removal

Despite the many benefits of the laser removal machine, some risks come with using this equipment. Among the downsides that come with laser removal areas are highlighted below.

  • The Pain

As earlier indicated, laser removal destroys the hair follicle and hair bulb after converting the laser beam to heat energy. The heat energy can, at times, be hard to bear, and it can cause some pain. The pain comes in a tingling and burning sensation or a sustained prick on the skin. Some upgraded laser removal machines have developed mechanisms to deal with this pain in a cooling feature.

The cooling feature makes the pain more bearable and ensures that you are comfortable when undergoing the procedure.

  • Risk of Injury

There is also the risk of injury, especially to your sin, if the laser removal procedure is not conducted correctly. Such a case can be seen where the equipment is either faulty or if the pulse wavelength has not been set correctly.

Injuries observed can be burnt, scarring, or changes in skin pigmentation.

  • Reversed Results

There are cases where instead of the laser beams getting rid of unwanted hair, they stimulate their growth. In such cases, after a laser removal session, the hair starts to grow rapidly.

These are some of the risks of laser treatment; other downsides are as seen below.

  • Expensive to Acquire and Maintain the Equipment

The laser removal equipment is sophisticated, which means it comes with such a hefty price tag. The expenses are also experienced in equipment maintenance, which needs genuine parts to operate effectively. It also requires the right personnel to work and carry out maintenance practices on the laser machine. All of this comes at a great price.

  • Expensive to Procure

Getting the laser removal service is costly due to the removal machine’s high cost and its associated maintenance costs. The associated costs are spread to the clients, which makes it expensive to get.

  • May Require Multiple Sessions

Another downside of laser removal is the multiple sessions required to achieve the desired results. One session is not enough, more so if you want permanent removal. You will need maybe two or three additional courses for the hair to be permanently done within such a situation.

  • Strict After Procedure Protocol

Laser treatment is a medical procedure, and like any medical procedure, after surgery, nursing should be ensured for the desired results to be achieved. For laser removal, the aftercare treatment protocol is a bit stricter, and any hitch can affect the results. For example, you are not supposed to go sunbathing or even swimming as you can be affected by the ultraviolet rays or chemicals in the swimming pool.

If not adhered to, you stand the risk of having irritations on your skin.

  • Not Suitable for Every Region of the Body

The laser removal procedure is also unsuitable for some parts of the body where you may want to get rid of hair. Some of the components include the eyebrows, the genitalia, and at times, the face. Mostly, it is due to the structure of the skin because, in such areas, the skin might be fragile and sensitive, and the laser beam may cause an injury or irritation.

The same applies to areas with wounds or any interruption in skin integrity, as the laser beams may further worsen the condition.

How Is a Hair Removal Laser Procedure Performed?

The hair removal procedure using the laser machine is quite a straightforward procedure that is done and completed in a short time. To start, you need to get a proper medical spa clinic where you want the process to be carried out. You need to ensure that you are clean before going or the method to prevent infections.

Most credible removal centers will take charge of the disinfection part and ensure you are all clean and ready for the procedure. The area that you want to be cleared of hair should first be shaved completely. The shaving prevents the hair from burning when exposed to the laser beam, which may produce a bad burning smell. The shaving also serves to provide a clear platform for the removal procedure.


After shaving and cleaning, you are now ready for the procedure. The laser equipment is directed to the area where you want to remain hairless, and the laser beam acts on this area, and it is observed as a light. The process may be slightly painful due to the conversion of the laser’s light t heat energy. If the laser equipment has a cooling mechanism, the pain will be bearable, and you can pull through the procedure all fine. 

Depending on your hair density and the type of hair you have, it may take some other subsequent sessions to ensure that you are hair-free. For less dense hair such as white hair, which also lacks melanin, the procedure may take more sessions as the white hair does not absorb the laser light photons easily.

The laser removal procedure is best for darker hair as the melanin present in dark hair is easy to target, and it also absorbs the light photons way easier.

Laser Hair Removal Before and After

Laser Hair Removal Before and After

With laser removal, you start seeing the results immediately; you are done with the procedure. The already shaved region will not show any signs of hair sprouting at all. If it does a show, then it means you are in for subsequent laser hair removal sessions to ensure the hair is completely done with.

After the procedure, regular changes will be observed on the skin where the laser beam was directed to. Most of the time, the changes last for a short time, maybe two to three days, and the skin gets back to normal.

The noticeable changes after the procedure include redness of the skin, burning or itching, reddening, and at times, differences in pigmentation where patches may be noticed on the skin. You may be given some prescriptions to deal with this condition, and within a short time, they will be gone. Acne and scabbing around the region may also be experienced in addition to pus.

If they take long without totally disappearing, then it is advised that you seek the help and consultation of the physician.

As earlier indicated, the laser hair removal procedure needs strict aftercare services to be effective ad to prevent incidences of injury and irritation. As such, you need to avoid sunbathing totally as the ultraviolet rays may harm the skin where the laser beam has acted on. It is indicated before the laser hair removal procedure that you also avoid sunbathing so that the skin can be incomplete integrity for the whole process.

The aftercare also demands the switching up your skin beauty products to ones with fewer chemicals to prevent any interference.

Buying Guide for the Laser Hair Removal Machine

When purchasing the laser removal machine, you have the best equipment in your mind that is worth every coin you spend. There are many factors that you need to put into consideration before purchasing to get the right equipment.

Let us look at some of the factors that you need to consider when looking for the perfect equipment.

Factors to consider when purchasing the laser hair removal machine

  • Cost

One of the significant considerations that you need to factor in is the price of the equipment. You need to look at the expense of the equipment and see if it is a worthy investment as an addition to your medical spa center. As a point to note, do not go spending on purchasing the equipment to a point where your budget is overstretched as it may lead you into some financial burdens.

You should go for affordable equipment within your budget limits. As such, you can opt for second-hand equipment that you can purchase from worthy vendors such as hospitals. The good thing with second-hand equipment is that some of them come with superb features at an amicable price, making it a decent bargain. However, the assessment needs to be made to ensure that it is in excellent working condition.

  • Demand for Laser Hair Removal Services

To ensure that the equipment you will purchase does not lie idly on your premises, you need to look at the demand for hair removal services. The demand for the service should be significant enough to sustain its maintenance and operation costs and be able to make good returns on your investment.

Suppose the demand pool for the services is shallow. In that case, you may experience a situation where the hair removal machine is obsolete and not in operation, which is a poor investment decision.

  • Available Features

You also need to look at the convenient features that the equipment comes with, like multiple operation modes and even the cooling mechanism. The features make up for a hassle-free hair removal procedure, which ensures comfort both to the client and also the practitioner in handling.

Talking of the features, you also need to look at the equipment’s accessories, such as a table and spares. With many lucrative features and accessories, the machine’s price may be higher, but it is a worthy investment in the long run due to the enhancement of work done.

  • Availability of Spares

Another factor that you need to look into is the availability of spare parts for the removal equipment. The hair removal machine, just like any other device, is bound to be damaged at one point, and without spares, it may mean it’s the end of its operating lifeline. The machine may lie obsolete as a result and not perform as required.

That is why you need to look at the availability of spares before purchasing the same as to professionals in charge of repairs and maintenance. You should go for locally made removal equipment, which makes it easier to source for spares and repair professionals in case of any damage.

You may face many hurdles in getting a spare part for foreign-sourced equipment due to the lengthy acquisition process involving importation and clearance.

  • Power Needs

When looking at power needs as a factor to consider, look at the power consumption of the equipment, and be sure that you can sustain it. If possible, go for lightweight laser removal equipment with minimal energy requirements for its sustenance. In the long run, the light machine will save you a lot in electricity bills, and it can sustain itself in such costs.

Buying Guide Hair Removal Machine Review in 2021

There are many hair laser removal machines in the market for different manufacturers, each coming with various unique features to help in its operation. Below are some of the best equipment you may pick from when looking for the best laser hair removal machine.

1. Harmony XL Pro ($25,000.00)

harmony xl pro laser

The Harmony XL Pro laser removal equipment is a laser hair remover that combines several technologies to bring out the best in hair removal. It is clinically proven in terms of safety and reliability and easy to handle due to its design.

Besides, it also comes to your aid in treating other skin conditions such as acne, pigmentation issues, scarring, tattoo removal, wrinkles, and psoriasis, among many others.

Why Pick the Harmony Xl Pro?

The following reasons make the harmony XL pro a good pick.

  • It is incredibly painless in removal owing to its cooling mechanism.
  • It is versatile when it comes to the treatment of various conditions, as highlighted above.
  • Easy to handle, which makes work way more relaxed.
  • The machine is multigenerational, meaning it caters to different ages and skin types.
  • It is efficient in treatment, meaning it requires minimal treatment sessions.

2. Elos Plus ($10,999.00)

elos plus

When talking about versatility for a laser, remove ten that credit can be poured to Elos plus. Also, Plus’s versatility is seen in the many conditions it treats and its compatibility with different hair types from different ethnicities and ages.

It utilizes low optical energy, which improves its efficiency and speed in getting rid of hair in the body. It also comes with a sapphire cooling mechanism for the patient’s comfort as the procedure goes on.

Why Pick the Elos Plus?

The following are the reasons why you can opt for the Elos plus laser hair remover.

  • It’s fast in getting work done, which improves its overall efficiency.
  • It teats a variety of skin conditions apart from getting rid of hair. The requirements it treats include vascular and pigmented lesions, sun spots, wrinkles, acne, and scars.
  • The Elos plus hair remover has a sapphire cooling mechanism that acts as a pain reliever during the hair removal process.

3. Cynosure Elite+ Plus ($13,999.00)

cynosure elite plus

The cynosure elite+ Plus laser removal machine is one of the most effective in the industry that uses different pulse wavelengths to ensure that you are entirely done with the unwanted hair menace. It comes with speed and precision that provides you with excess hair in a short while, which means you do not have to go for many subsequent laser hair removal sessions.

The laser machine is also compatible with all skin types and does not damage the surrounding tissue making it one of the safest laser hair removers. Additionally, it provides a painless procedure suitable for the comfort of the client during hair removal.

Why Opt for The Cynosure Elite+ Plus?

Here are some of the reasons as to why you can opt for the Cynosure elite+.

  • You can switch between different wavelengths to achieve desired results.
  • It is painless.
  • The laser remover comes with speed and efficiency, reducing the number of subsequent laser sessions.

4. Cutera Excel Hr ($10,500.00)

Cutera Excel HR

The Cutera Excel Hr laser removal machine utilizes different pulse wavelengths that, apart from ensuring your skin is clear of unwanted hair, can also help clear other skin blemishes. Cutera Excel Hr deals with defects that include hyperpigmentation, unwanted tattoos, vascular lesions, scars, and acne.

Also, it provides a comfortable session owing to its cooling mechanism that counters the heat from the laser beam.

Why Is The Cutera Excel Hr a Great Pick?

The following are some reasons why the Cutera excel is an excellent pick for a laser hair remover.

  • Fast and efficient in hair removal.
  • Treats a variety of other conditions apart from removal.
  • It provides a painless experience courtesy of its cooling mechanism.
  • It causes no damage to the surrounding skin tissue.
  • Easy to handle for the laser removal practitioner.

5. Cutera Xeo

Cutera xeo can only be described as a laser hair removal practitioner’s worthy companion owing to its customizable aspect. Its customization allows shifting in modes and wavelengths to deal with the excessive hair menace. With the customization, the laser removal equipment can deal with different hair types in varying degrees of coarseness and melanin content and deal with them permanently or for such a long time.

Why Is The Cutera Xeo Nice Option?

Here is why the Cutera xeo is an excellent option for a removal machine pick.

  • It is customizable, allowing you to make different wavelength tweaks to deal with hair of varying structures.
  • It can deal with other skin conditions, too, such as scarring and acne.
  • Cutera xeo provides for a painless and fast removal procedure.
  • The laser machine boosts collagen production, which promotes the healing of the skin.

6. Duetto Mt Evo

The Duetto Mt Evo is an excellent pick for a laser remover that comes with three different pulse wavelengths to ensure that the hair removal process is fast and efficient. It also uses cutting-edge technology that provides comfort during the procedure courtesy of its cooling mechanism that goes a long way in curbing pain and irritation.

Why Is Duetto Mt Evo a Great Laser Hair Remover Pick?

Here are some of the reasons you should go for the Duetto mt Evo as your hair removal laser machine.

  • It is fast and effective in the hair removal procedure.
  • The laser remover is painless, which ensures that the patient is comfortable during the removal procedure.
  • The three different pulse wavelengths ensure precision when it comes to clearing up unwanted hair.
  • It is easy to handle owing to its design.

7. Soprano Ice Platinum

The soprano ice platinum laser remover is one of the most convenient and advanced hair removers, courtesy of its improved delivery technology. It has tri-diode technology, which brings three aspects together into one. The three points are speed, a wide range of hair types and colors, and compatibility with darker skin types.

Overall, all three aspects improve their efficiency in the delivery of their services.

Why Opt for the Soprano Ice Platinum Hair Remover?

Here are some of the reasons why the Soprano ice platinum is a great pick.

  • Improved efficiency in getting rid of all unwanted hair, especially with speed on its side.
  • It deals with a variety of hair types.
  • It is suitable for darker skin.
  • Provides a painless removal procedure.
  • The hair remover has a proven safety record that prevents damage to the skin.

8. Soprano Titanium

The soprano titanium laser removal machine combines cutting-edge technology to provide the best experience in hair removal. It comes with speed and a large spot size that ensures it deals with unwanted hair in such a short time. Coupled with the Ice technology, which helps cool the skin on exposure to the laser beams, the soprano titanium laser truly stands out.

Why Pick the Soprano Titanium Laser Machine?

  • It provides a painless experience owing to its cooling mechanism, the Ice technology.
  • It has a large spot size that makes it efficient in clearing hair in a short time.
  • It has two connectors that make it more flexible in operation.
  • It can be used in the treatment of other conditions such as scarring and vascular lesions.

9. Sciton Bbl

The Sciton Bbl hair laser removal equipment uses a broadband light wavelength and is one of the most powerful laser machines. The different wavelengths utilized ensure efficiency in hair removal, leaving you with hairless skin.

Why Go for The Sciton Bbl?

  • It does not cause any damage to the surrounding tissue.
  • It is fast in the removal and requires minimal subsequent laser sessions.
  • It provides a painless procedure in laser hair removal.

10. Splendor X

The splendor x laser machine is known for its speed and precision when dealing with unwanted hair. It uses the Blend X technology, which allows for customization in operating modes, making it suitable for the removal of different hair types and the treatment of various skin conditions.

Why Opt for The Splendor X Laser Hair Remover?

Here are some of the reasons why you need to go for the Splendor X laser machine.

  • It provides for a painless procedure.
  • Its customization allows it to deal with various hair types and skin conditions.
  • It is easy when it comes to handling.


The hair laser removal machine from Metropolis Laser Centre is one of the best innovations in the cosmetic industry concerning the removal of unwanted hair. Having such a piece of equipment in your medical spa treatment center is a sure way of making your enterprise more diverse.

The buying guide gave you some of the critical factors when purchasing the laser hair removal machine for a better deal. Additionally, you can pick the most preferable laser hair removal equipment from the above listing, where there are some of the best laser hair removers.