Candela Alex Trivantage Tattoo Removal

With the Alex TriVantage, you get more than the latest technology for the treatment of tattoos and pigmented lesions. You also get the benefit of 40 years of Candela leadership in laser technologies; leadership that enables us to deliver superior products and unmatched after-the-sale service and support.


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Alex TriVantage device treats multicolor tattoos as well as benign pigmented lesions.

It features three nanosecond wavelengths to treat a broad range of tattoos: our proven 755 nm, Q-switched Alexandrite laser plus 1064 nm and 532 nm, Q-switched Nd: YAG wavelengths.

In addition, the Alex TriVantage laser offers a long-pulse, microsecond 755 nm wavelength, providing treatment for a greater variety of pigmented lesions.

This lase device from Candela is efficient at treating multicolor tattoos as well as a range of pigmented lesions and some aesthetic procedures.

The Evolution of the Q-switched Alex TriVantage

Revolution in Tattoo & Pigmented Lesion Treatment

The Alex TriVantage builds upon the proven performance of our 755 nm, Q-switched Alexandrite laser with the addition of 1064 nm and 532 nm, Q-switched Nd: YAG wavelengths.

This remarkable new configuration also offers a Long-Pulse 755 nm wavelength, providing treatment for a greater variety of pigmented lesions without unwanted pigment changes.

Alex TriVantage dramatically expands your ability to treat pigmented lesions as well as multicolor tattoos across a broad range of patient skin types.

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The Alex TriVantage laser offers your practice six key advantages.

  • Combine a powerful performance with a gentle touch. By extending its pulse width, the Alex TriVantage device optimizes the delivery of laser energy to the target chromophore, while minimizing disruption of the skin.
  • Get everything you need to treat tattoos gently and efficiently. TriVantage’s Alexandrite is renowned for its ability to treat greens, blues, and black. New laser-pumped-laser technology makes it possible to deliver that same performance across a wide range of tattoo colors.

Candela’s Q-switched Alexandrite & laser-pumped-laser* (LPL) technology

The 755 Q-switched laser pumps solid-state handpieces to generate Q-switched 1064 nm or 532 nm Nd: YAG wavelengths.

  • Gain more options for treating pigmented lesions. With Alex TriVantage’s 755 nm long-pulse mode, you can offer comfortable, fast, and efficient treatments for a wide variety of epidermal and subdermal pigmented lesions, including:
    • Freckles
    • Age spots
    • Lentigines
    • Nevus of Ota
    • Café-au-Lait
  • Enhance staff productivity. Alex Trivantage incorporates many flexible, user-friendly features:
    • Simple, fast, convenient user interface
    • Ergonomic handpieces
    • Aiming beam and redesigned distance gauges
    • Treatment spot sizes from 2 to 5 mm
    • Repetition rates up to 5 Hz
    • A lightweight system that’s easy to move between treatment rooms

Alex TriVantage’s easy-to-use touchscreen 

  • Enjoy unmatched service and support long after the sale. At Candela, we don’t believe in outsourcing customer service. We provide it worldwide through our dedicated team of technicians. Our clinical support is praised throughout the industry. And our purchasing program offers the choice, flexibility, and value every practice will appreciate.
  • Experience the Candela edge: 40+ years of laser leadership. More than four decades of technological expertise, industry insights, and practical know-how go into the Alex Trivantage device and every product we make. No wonder leading practices in 86 countries around the world count on Candela for medical-aesthetic solutions.

What is the recovery time with the Alex TriVantage Laser?

This will vary based on the condition we are treating, the depth of pigment, and the degree of improvement you are looking for. For most lesions, there is little-to-no downtime. You will see the lesions turn red, then darken. A fine crust may form that will gradually exfoliate away on its own. 

For tattoo removal, post-treatment the area will need to be covered with a bandage and a daily application of antibiotic ointment or barrier repair, such as Aquaphor will need to be applied to the treated area for the first few days. 


  • Q-switched 755-nm, 1064-nm and 532-nm output delivers the color coverage and treatment efficiency every tattoo removal practice needs.
  • Q-switched 755 nm output is safe for light skin and treats a broad range of green inks that other systems leave behind.
  • Q-switched 532 nm output is used for light skin and treats red, orange, and brown inks.
  • Q-switched 1064 YAG can be used on dark skin and treats blue and black inks.
  • 100 μs long-pulse 755 nm Alexandrite output provides efficient treatment of a wide variety of benign epidermal pigmented lesions, with a well-established safety profile and reduced incidence of PIH in Asian skin.
  • Q-switched 755-nm Alexandrite and 1064-nm Nd: YAG output allows you to treat a variety of lesions, including congenital and acquired Nevi and brown spots in a variety of skin types.
  • Full-color, 30 cm diagonal, touch-sensitive graphical user interface (GUI) provides treatment recommendations in a fast, easy-to-master format.
  • Flexible fiber optic delivery system is lightweight, easy to position, and comfortable to use.
  • 2 to 5 mm spot sizes at 1 to 5 Hz rep rates provide fluency, coverage, and control of treatment spot placement.

Equipment Specifications:

  • Type: Alexandrite Laser, Q-Switched, Laser-Pumped-Laser
  • Wavelength: 755 nm / 1064 nm / 532 nm
  • Repetition Rate: Single Shot, 1, 2, 3, 5  Hz
  • Electrical: 120v


Total Shot Count- 135,640 total shots

Head Count- 135,640 total shots

Lamp Count- 135,640 total shots


  • 755 nm Spot Size Attachments- 2mm, 3mm, 4mm
  • 1064 nm Spot Size Attachments- 2mm, 5mm
  • 532 nm Spot Size Attachments- 2mm, 3mm
  • Delivery Fiber
  • Distance Gauges
  • Foot Pedal
  • Power Cord
  • Key