Cynosure PicoSure Laser

Cynosure Picosure has shown results for numerous applications including skin care, acne scar treatment, removal of pigmented lesions and wrinkle reduction.

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What is PicoSure

Cynosure Picosure Laser

PicoSure – The first and leading choice for comfortable and convenient tattoo removal and skin revitalization treatments for wrinkles, acne scars and pigments like freckles, sunspots, and discoloration.

PicoSure is the first of a new generation of aesthetic lasers that don’t rely solely on heat to burn or melt away unwanted tattoo ink or melanin, the pigment that causes dark spots in your skin.

PicoSure is the world’s first and only picosecond aesthetic laser cleared by the FDA. Recognized as a breakthrough in tattoo removal, PicoSure will help you achieve visibly clearer, ink-free skin faster. Even difficult ink colors such as blues and greens, as well as previously treated tattoos, can be removed in fewer treatments with better clearance and improved recovery time.


  • PicoSure is quickly surpassing traditional lasers in terms of effective tattoo removal because it’s faster, more effective and more affordable.
  • The procedure uses picosecond technology to deliver short bursts of energy into the skin, effectively breaking the ink into tiny particles for the body to process.
  • Compared with traditional Q-switched lasers, PicoSure has more power to eradicate stubborn, old, previously-treated tattoos.
  • Bonus points: PicoSure is gentler on the body (it doesn’t affect the surrounding skin) and comes with almost no downtime or side effects.

How Does PicoSure Work?

Unlike traditional lasers, PicoSure laser tattoo removal works by delivering short bursts of PressureWaveTM technology at a wavelength of either 532 nm, 755 nm or 1064 nm, depending on the treatment. Compared with traditional Q-switched lasers (at one time the most popular laser technology for removing unwanted tat’s), the PicoSure laser doesn’t rely on heat or burning to melt away tattoos.

Instead, it uses rapid, short pulse energy, called Picosecond technology, to penetrate the tattoo colors and break them up. The patented PressureWaveTM is more hyper-focused than regular lasers’ nanosecond technology. The pulse width used in this picosecond laser is 100 times shorter than a nanosecond, which triggers a photomechanical effect and improves the results of the removal process.

Essentially, the PicoSure treatment shoots this advanced laser into the ink that breaks it into tiny particles that are similar to dust. These particles are then absorbed by the body’s lymphatic system and eliminated naturally. Compared with traditional nanosecond lasers, picosecond lasers require fewer treatments and are more likely to get rid of the most stubborn inks.

PicoSure laser skin resurfacing is a safe non-surgical procedure that diminishes the appearance of skin imperfections:

  • Acne Scars
  • Brown spots
  • Fine lines
  • Freckles
  • Melasma
  • Pigmented Lesions
  • Stretch marks
  • Wrinkles

WHY IS Cynosure Picosure LASER SUPERIOR?

Instead of operating in nanoseconds like other conventional laser machines, PicoSure operates in picoseconds and delivers the laser to targeted areas within a TRILLIONTH of a second. Thus, not only can PicoSure do the job Faster, but also more Effectively and Safer than billionth-of-a-second laser machines – such as RevLite Laser.

PicoSure is made by CynoSure USA, the World’s Leading Laser company and developer of RevLite the Industry’s Gold Standard for Laser. It took CynoSure USA 13 years to develop PicoSure, which the company started working on after launching RevLite Laser.

Now, PicoSure is a more powerful and effective laser machine compared to RevLite. With the availability of such a powerful laser machine, invasive surgery is becoming less irrelevant and outdated.



PicoSure Video Spotlight

Cynosure PicoSure Includes:

2017 Cynosure PicoSure Alexandrite Laser
Mfr: Cynosure
Model: PicoSure
P/N: 105-7012-000
Serial #: PICO1152
Mfr Date: 02-2017

-Cynosure Factory Repaired and Certified in Boston
-1 Year Cynosure Warranty
– Cynosure PicoSure Focus Lens Array
-Foot Switch
-Variable Spot Handpiece
-Protective Eyeware (2)
-Operator’s Manual
-Operator Eyewear
-Patient Eyewear
-Water Refill Kit
-Cynosure Picosure 532nm Hand Piece Set

Cynosure PicoSure laser from Metropolis Laser Centre treats at three wavelengths: 532nm, 755nm, and 1064nm, making it ideal for treatment of pigmentary conditions. With the addition of the Focus Lens Array, you’ll be able to treat stubborn skin conditions in addition to removing tattoos.

Lamp count = 174900
Shot count = 327426
System count = 529,051

Product Specifications
Nominal Wavelength 755 nm
Pulse Duration 550-750 ps
Pulse Energy 165-200 mJ
Spot Sizes Zoom – 2.0 mm – 6.0 mm, Fixed – 6.0 mm, 8.0 mm, 10.0 mm
Optional Wavelength Add On 532 nm
Electrical Power 200-240 V, 4.5 kVA, 50/60 Hz, single phase
Electrical Service Requirement 30 Amp

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