Lumenis M22 Acne Skin and Hair Removal Machine


Lumenis M22 is a multi-application and modular platform for hair removal, skin conditions and uses multiple technologies in a single modular system to serve different applications.


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Lumenis M22 is a multifunctional platform for the face and body with many modules used in cosmetology. It is designed to treat over 30 skin conditions and hair removal. The M22 model combines four systems that can replace most of the devices in beauty parlors and centers.

The Lumenis M22 device is sold on our website – Medek Stars managers will help you choose and buy the device you need. They will also calculate the exact price for you, depending on the configuration of the cosmetology laser you have chosen.

“Lumenis M22 system really brings the latest skin technology to our Bristol clinic and means that we can treat a range of conditions in just one session, so that patients notice the results straight away.”

Dr John Quinn

Aesthetic laser skin treatment is a common technique chosen by various people. Different skin-related treatments are often painful, and so, the world often looks for effective treatments causing little or no pain. The Lumenis M22 offers intense pulsed light (IPL) or facial photo treatment to address various skin conditions. Have a look.


Lumenis M22 effectively on unwanted face and body hair.

The M22 model from Lumenis is a multi-application and modular platform for hair removal and skin conditions. This device addresses around 30 unique skin-related issues treating numerous patients from across the globe. This m22 device uses multiple technologies in a single modular system to serve different applications.


As mentioned above, the Lumenis M22 laser device aids in different skin conditions and hair treatments. It adapts and expands in functionality based on the users’ requirements. It comes in the following four technologies for effective results.

  1. Universal IPL 

It comes with an optimal pulse technology featuring a single handpiece. The device also includes chargeable filters and appropriate light guides for practical usage. This model uses photorejuvenation for IPL-based skin treatments.

  • Spectrum: 400-1200 nm
  • ExpertFilters: Acne (400-600 & 800-1200); 515 nm; Vascular(530-650 & 900-1200); 560 nm; 590 nm; 615 nm; 640 nm;
  • 695 nm; 755 nm
  • Fluence: 8 x 15 mm – up to 35 J/cm2, 15 x 35 mm – up to 35 J/cm2, 6 mm round – up to 56 J/cm2
  • Pulse duration: 4-20 ms
  • Pulse Delay: 5-150 ms
  • Pulse Characteristic: Multiple Sequential Pulsing
  • Repetition Rate: Up to 1 Hz
  • Spot Size: 35 x 15 mm2; 15 x 8 mm2, 6mm
  • Cooling: Continuous contact cooling
  1. ResurFX 

It is a non-ablative technology accompanied by a scanner. There are no disposables here, and this technique is effective for resurfacing the skin.

  • Wavelength: 1565 nm
  • Pulse Energy: 10-70 mJ per micro-beam
  • Pulse Characteristic: CoolScanTM Scanner
  • Pattern Shapes: Line, square, rectangle, circle, doughnut, hexagon
  • Beam Density: Up to 500 micro-beams/cm2
  • Repetition Rate: 0.5-2 Hz
  • Tip: Sapphire; Precision
  • Spot Size: Up to 18 mm
  • Cooling: Continuous contact cooling
  1. Multi-spot YAG 

This technique comes with multiple sequential pulsing for effective performance. This type of m22 charges at lightning speed and comes with two-sized light guides. This model is effective for vascular lesions and veins in the legs.

  1. Q-Switched YAG 

This type of m22 device features a homogenous beam profile for improved efficacy and safety during the treatment. It works effectively for skin toning by treating pigmented lesions and removing dark tattoos.



Lumenis connected its M22 Universal IPL with AOPT for advanced functionality. This addition helps control the device effectively. The users can now adjust the settings for each condition and patient easily. Some conditions addressed by the m22 are:

  • Skin blemishes and discoloration – the device uses advanced technologies to reduce skin discoloration and blemishes in no time.
  • Hair removal treatment – this laser device is also effective in removing hair from different body parts. The device is ergonomically designed to treat areas that are hard to reach as well.
  • Visible aging signs – the m22 laser device technology treats early visible aging signs experienced by the facial skin.
  • Hemangiomas – it is a condition where the blood vessels form a benign tumor beneath the skin. As a result, you observe a red birthmark which is unpleasant at times. You can choose to remove it with the m22 device.

Moreover, people can opt for the IPL treatment from the m22 if they suffer from skin discoloration. Some common reasons for discoloration of the skin are:

  • Acne
  • Sun damage
  • Pigment problems like rosacea, broken capillaries, etc.


The Lumenis M22 platform has IPL procedures, fractional laser, Nd: YAG, and Q-Switch. It can expand to meet additional treatment needs and adapt to new applications.


Fig. 1. Universal IPL module.

IPL module With the M22 Lumenis, you get a huge range of IPL therapy options, proving its effectiveness and complete absence of unpleasant sensations. The technology of model M22 from Lumenis is unique and gives noticeable results even in complex cases with all skin phototypes, working with deep vessels and complex forms of pigmentation.

Fractional laser ResurFX.

Fractional laser ResurFX.

ResurFX is a fractional laser system without ablation (wavelength 1565 nm) with CoolScan scanning and cooling. With it, you get the best accuracy and faster scanner performance, which evenly creates microthermal zones on the skin. In the case of photothermolysis with a fractional laser, the system provides a depth of up to 1 mm, so with it, you can solve any difficulties – smoothing out wrinkles, scars, and post-acne. With this technology, the Lumenis M22 presents you with over 600 scan variations for high-performance sessions and laser treatments for all areas of the face and body.

Long pulse Nd: YAG laser.

Long pulse Nd: YAG laser.

Nd: YAG system with a wavelength of 1064 nm. The long-pulse neodymium system is the standard for the treatment of spider veins and deep vessel removal and is also used to treat fungal nail diseases and hair removal. With the Lumenis M22 cooling system, sessions will be safer and much more comfortable for patients.

Nd: YAG Q-Switched laser.

Nd: YAG Q-Switched laser.

Q-Switch Nd: YAG system with a wavelength of 1064 nm. Cosmetologists use it to remove tattoos, pigmentation, and smooth the skin and carry out carbon peeling. The system destroys pigment particles with a powerful and short pulse, and its wavelength – 1064 nm – will be the best solution to destroy blue, brown, and black tattoos.

Indications for the use of Lumenis M22

  • Hyperpigmentation, freckles, melasma, tattoos (color and black and white);
  • Scars, scars, stretch marks;
  • Vascular pathologies (benign) – port wine stains, hemangiomas, body telangiectasias, angiomas, vascular changes in the legs;
  • Hair removal with any skin phototype, long-term or permanent, results in the cessation of hair growth on skin with phototype IV;
  • Treatment of acne, some forms of alopecia;
  • Rejuvenation of the skin of the face and body.

Any kind of skin treatment is pretty gentle and highly effective. If taken good care of, the results last rather long, be it hair removal or skin conditions. The m22, with its golden line design, provides a safe, precise, and effective light laser treatment for different situations, as listed above.


  • 1 x 2019 Lumenis M22 IPL ResurFX,QswitchYag, NdYag
  • 1 x Lumenis Universal IPL SapphireCool 8mm x 15mm IPL Light Guide – KT6798000
  • 1 x Lumenis Universal IPL SapphireCool 15mm x 35mm IPL Light Guide – KT6797001
  • 1 x Lumenis Universal IPL SapphireCool 6mm IPL Light Guide – KT1007656
  • 1 x Lumenis Universal IPL Vascular Expert Filter – KT1007279
  • 1 x Lumenis Universal IPL Acne Expert Filter – KT1014971
  • 1 x Lumenis Universal IPL 755nm Expert Filter – KT1014961
  • 1 x Lumenis Universal IPL 515nm Expert Filter
  • 1 x Lumenis Universal IPL 560nm Expert Filter
  • 1 x Lumenis Universal IPL 590nm Expert Filter
  • 1 x Lumenis Universal IPL 615nm Expert Filter
  • 1 x Lumenis Universal IPL 640nm Expert Filter
  • 1 x Lumenis Universal IPL 695nm Expert Filter
  • 1 x Lumenis Universal IPL Calibration Filter
  • 1 x Lumenis ResurFX SapphireCool Tip KT10000965
  • 2 x Patients Eye Protection
  • 4 x Laser Safety Goggles
  • 2 x laser Crystals
  • 515nm 560nm 615nm 640nm 615nm 755nm
  • interlock
  • user operator CD

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