PiQo4 Tattoo Removal Machine

PiQo4 Laser treats a wide selection of pigment colors and its versatile energy matrix ensures effective shattering of pigment residue.

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What is PiQo4 laser?

What is PiQo4 laser

PiQo4 Laser is a pigment removal laser that uses multiple wavelengths and pico and nanosecond pulses and high energies. This laser treatment allows for faster recovering with its deep reach function of 15 spot sizes that range from two millimeters to fifteen and a half millimeters.

The PiQo4 laser is a nanosecond and picosecond laser with multiple wavelengths. It is the most powerful laser tattoo removal laser currently available worldwide. Aside from tattoo removal, it can be used for treating melasma, skin pigmentation, and rejuvenating skin.

In comparison to other competing nanosecond and picosecond lasers, such as the PiQo4 laser has;

  • Highest pulse energy – up to twice that of competing systems. This is one of the factors that has contributed to owners of the PiQo4 laser stating that up to 40% fewer treatments are required for complete tattoo removal in comparison to their other laser machines.
  • The largest spot size available (up to 15.5mm) – larger spot sizes penetrate relatively deeper into the skin without having to use higher power settings, and this can reduce the risk of scarring with tattoo removal.
  • 4 wavelengths available – studies show that 9 of the most common tattoo colors are absorbed by the 4 wavelengths available on the PiQo4. Other systems with fewer wavelengths (only one in some cases) cannot remove different colors as effectively.
  • The ability to fire nanosecond or picosecond pulses allows it to treat a bigger variety of skin concerns, as well as tattoos in various stages of removal. For example, in the early stages of tattoo removal, the ink particles are bigger and respond better to nanosecond pulses than picosecond pulses(see below for more information).
  • Homogenous beam profile – that is the laser beam over the entire spot size is more even which will lead to more even and consistent results.
  • Fractional handpiece – to treat conditions such as melasma, rejuvenate skin without downtime, and also can create channels for the infusion of skin products.

Laser Treatment Intentions

  • Tattoo removal
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Treatment and pigmented lesions
  • Melasma
  • Common nevi
  • Lentigines
  • Cafe-au-lait birthmarks
  • Acne Scars
  • Seborrheic keratosis
  • Vascular Lesions

How PiQo4 Laser works

The PiQo4 laser is the most robust pigment and tattoo removal solution available today. Its effectiveness lies in a unique combination of pico (one trillionth of a second) and nano (a billionth of a second) energies for variable pulse duration. This advanced technology allows removal of a wide range of tattoo ink colors, as well as natural pigmentation spots.

Tattoos are considered permanent because ink particles are too big to be eliminated by the body’s natural healing processes. Laser treatment shatters pigments into finer particles that are harmlessly flushed by the immune system. All colors absorb and reflect specific spectra of light, so the PiQo4’s variable wavelengths are indispensable inefficient tattoo removal. Energy is delivered so fast that pigments are destroyed before heat is generated.

The same principle applies to the removal of natural brown and red pigmentation. Because the PiQo4 laser targets pigments at various depths, it gently and effectively addresses freckles, sun damage, melasma, and some birthmarks.

Your practitioner will provide guidelines for before and aftercare, as well as the approximate time of the session.
During your session, you will hear the laser emits as loud, audible popping sound, then feel the heat over the general area of the skin. The treated area will feel as if it were sunburned; tight and dry.

Why is PiQo4 Laser superior to other laser tattoo removal systems?


PiQo4 Laser is the most powerful tattoo removal system on the market, boasting the following features:

  • Large spot size to cover a larger tattooed area for faster treatment
  • 4 different wavelengths to treat the broadest range of tattoo colors
  • Deep skin penetration to tackle even deep ink pigmentation
  • Highly accurate calibration for optimal results
  • Delivers results in half the number of treatments as other devices

Even very old or dark tattoos, which are notoriously difficult to remove, can be tackled with PiQo4. Plus, the treatment is safe and effective for all skin types, including very light and very dark skin tones.


The PiQo4 Advantage:

  • Pico & Nano – Optimal combination of energy with variable pulse duration
  • High Energy – Greater energy with 1064 nm and greater energy with 532 nm
  • Deep Reach – Up to 15mm spot for deep pigment shattering
  • 4 Wavelengths – 1064 nm, 532 nm, 650 nm, and 585 nm effective shattering of 9 of the most popular ink colors

Before and After Results

PiQo4 treats a wide selection of pigment colours and its versatile energy matrix ensures effective shattering of pigment residue.

The PiQo4 is a game-changer for a few reasons. First off, it’s super high energy (the most powerful picosecond laser on the market), which translates to faster results. According to Lumenis, PiQo4’s manufacturer, the laser can remove pigment in 40 percent less treatment time. Also adding to the laser’s speediness is the relatively large size of the treatment area it can handle. PiQo4’s largest spot size is 15.5 millimeters. (For reference, that’s almost four times bigger than anything that’s currently available.) That makes the laser especially suited for larger pigmentation problems, such as a scar or birthmark that’s currently taking up a lot of real estates.

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