Alma Soprano Titanium Hair Removal Laser

Soprano Titanium provides a faster and pain-free solution to hair removal treatments with a combination of a business-oriented approach and customer-friendly treatment in the present day.


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Soprano Titanium is currently the latest laser hair removal device on the market and, as such, is the most advanced laser hair removal technology in the world.

Soprano Titanium Laser is the continuation of Soprano Ice Platinum. It complements the innovation in the hair removal methods of our practice, as it is the first titanium laser in Northern Greece.

“We are thrilled to launch our new hair removal platform – Soprano Titanium, reinventing laser hair removal technology and practice. Addressing all skin types, various hair colours and hair follicle depths, etc.It’s breakthrough hair removal platform that combines the three most effective laser wavelengths into a single applicator Exceptionally Large Spot Size – 40% faster treatments , ICE Plus – Continuous Contact Cooling technology for pain-free treatment, Smart Clinic cloud-based live data center for better management process.” Soprano Titanium is not only a technology masterpiece, it’s also a design icon, – from the new user interface to the new exterior design.

Mr. Soumen Dutta, MD, Alma Lasers

Alma Lasers are known for their cloud-based data centers and innovative devices. The soprano series from the company combines stronger, smarter, and faster hair removal using laser technologies. The Soprano Titanium by Alma Lasers is a breakthrough in hair removal. It provides a safe and convenient way of hair removal with practical techniques and diverse functionality. Have a look.

What is Soprano Titanium Lasers: 

This model of Soprano laser devices from Alma provides a faster and pain-free solution to hair removal treatments. It is an excellent combination of a business-oriented approach and customer-friendly treatment in the present day. This device is a unique and result-based solution for effective hair removal professionally.

“At Skin Science Clinic, we continually strive to source only the best aesthetic and medical machines on the market. We liaise closely with to provide our clients with the most advanced, clinically proven treatments. The Skin Science Clinics Soprano Titanium laser hair removal is just one of those.



Soprano Titanium by Alma Lasers is the safest and effective way for laser hair removal. This device combines three different laser wavelengths to focus on tissues with different depths simultaneously. The titanium model offers a wide range of applications with the help of the following features.

  1. Different wavelengths 

The titanium laser device uses three different wavelengths to address the anatomical structures and various tissues. This combination aids in various functionality, making the device suitable for every skin type.

 The unit of measurement of these wavelengths is NM (nanometer)

  • The Alexandrite type of device has a laser beam length of 755 NM and is good for treating certain lighter hair shades.
  • The diode type of the device has a laser beam length of  810 NM and is used for stronger and darker hair and slightly darker skin.
  • In addition to these two, there is a third, less known in our country and called YAG, this type of device has a laser beam length of 1064 NM and is used for the darkest skin types (epilation on this device can be done even by blacks) so it is ideal for summer conditions when we are all tanned.
  1. Clinically proven 3D technology 

This laser device comes with a four sq. cm spot size and 3D technology for hair removal. These, when combined with different wavelengths, aid in increased coverage of hair removal treatment. It also reduces the treatment time considerably.

  1. Continuous contact cooling 

Soprano titanium uses ICE Plus technology. It is an advanced technique meant to cool the skin continuously during hair removal. This technology provides range-controlled temperature during the treatment for effective results. The ICE Plus technology also minimizes epidermal risks and maintains necessary heat in the dermal areas.

Anyone who has had the opportunity to have epilation on our center’s previous model of the Alma Soprano Ice device knows that the treatment is painless. We have said that many times so far, and many of our clients have confirmed it.

However, by doubling the surface of the probe on the Soprano Titanium apparatus, it was necessary to improve the cooling for the treatment to remain painless, just as it was on the Soprano Ice laser.

This is solved by introducing an inverter cooling system!

This means that the probe’s temperature before the start of treatment is -3 ° C until immediately after the end of the treatment. It does not exceed 33 ° C.

All other devices heat the probe to temperatures of over 40 ° C and do not have the possibility of such fast and efficient cooling, which is why epilation on them is painful.

All these things were a clear sign to us that we need to decide again on the latest model of Alma appliances, and that is exactly what we did by investing in June 2019 in their latest model of epilation appliance.

It is now up to you to decide whether to opt for our center and the Alma Soprano Titanium laser.

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The effective use of various features and innovative technology in the titanium model accounts for the following advantages.

  1. Diverse usage 

The titanium laser comes with a powerful absorption range. It combines constant cooling with comfort to enable comprehensive coverage of treatment. As in, this device works for various hair types and colors. Its unique 755nm wavelength effectively removes light and thin hair.

  1. Faster completion 

The best advantage of using the titanium laser for hair removal is the treatment time. This device works at lightning speeds and completes the hair removal process in no time. This is because it comes with a large spot size to treat the larger areas efficiently. Overall, it provides an effective yet safe hair removal.

  1. Different Skin types 

The Soprano titanium devices feature the YAG 1064nm wavelength. It is known for moderate energy absorption. So, it is an effective solution for hair removal of patients with darker skin tones. Moreover, it accounts for deeper penetration, aiding in reaching deeper and anatomical areas of the hair follicles.

The titanium model of Soprano features an effective facial tip. It is designed to easily flow through the areas usually hard to reach, like the glabella, nostrils, ears, etc. The device also comes with an adjustable belt for easy handling of the instrument.

Quattro titanium

Advantages of laser hair removal with Soprano Titanium

  • Suitable for all skin types, even dark skin types can be treated,
  • Ideal for larger surfaces,
  • No irritation of the surrounding skin,
  • Specially developed for the permanent removal of unwanted hair growth,
  • Our laser devices are FDA-approved. (The FDA approves the equipment and is often used by manufacturers and practices as a certification mark to show that the equipment used is safe and will not cause burns or other damage to the skin.)
  • No more shaving, waxing, or epilating,
  • The treated area remains smooth for years,
  • It is experienced as painless,
  • You can resume your work immediately after the treatment.
  • Suitable for men and women

Why do we use the Soprano Titanium?

  • Unlike all other laser hair removal devices, the Soprano Titanium is effective at removing hair on all skin types (including tanned skin)
  • It has a larger applicator for our fastest ever treatment
  • It has unique cooling technology (ICE Plus”) for a completely pain-free treatment (yes – cooler than the Soprano ICE laser!)
  • It’s theIt’sld’s world’s laser hair removal device with over 18 million treatments performed worldwide

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