Venus Legacy Body Contouring Machine

Venus Legacy provides the most effective cellulite and for body contouring and skin tightening treatments. These lasers are highly non-invasive medical equipment working for any aesthetic procedures.


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Venus Legacy is a medical device from Canada. It is used to maintain a slim figure. Slimming reduces stretch marks, reduces wrinkles of age. Increases firmness, smoothness and stimulates blood circulation, making skin healthy. Based on 4D™ Venus Legacy™ technology, it is a safe treatment. Pain-free and the treatment results are visible. under the control of a doctor

It is the only device on the market that combines multipolar radiofrequency, magnetotherapy and suction. The Venus Legacy treatment is used to treat flaccidity, cellulite and localized fat . It reduces the volume, defines the body contour and revitalizes the skin.

Dr. Andreu

With the combination of 4 unique technologies of Venus Legacy that can deliver heat energy into the skin quickly. It causes the skin and the fat layer under the skin to heat in the range of 46-50 degrees, causing the contraction of collagen and fat cells to vibrate until the release of fatty acids in fat cells into liquid, which is the cause. Reducing the thickness of the fat layer, the reorganization of the skin structure and the tightening of the skin Can be used for both face and body.


Why choose Venus Legacy?

Venus Legacy requires the user to have a high level of expertise and expertise, and Dermaster can use other devices to effectively enhance the functioning of Venus Legacy. In addition, the personnel and tools used are highly secure. Help reduce the chance of side effects for users.

Highlights of Dermaster in making Venus Legacy

  • There is an excess that needs to be eliminated and tightened into it.
  • want to reduce stretch marks wrinkles of age
  • Doctors specializing in advanced techniques

Suitable for:

  1. cellulite reduction
  2. reduce wrinkles
  3. reduce the size of the circumference
  4. skin tightening
  5. reduce the appearance of stretch marks
  6. Expel waste and stimulate blood circulation.


  • have inflammation or infecting the skin in the area that needs treatment
  • have or have ever had cancer or have cells that can become cancerous, especially in the treated area
  • have neurological deterioration
  • It is a disease that can be triggered by heat, such as herpes in the area to be treated.
  • yes defibrillator heart rhythm regulator
  • Metal is placed in the body in the area to be treated. (except dental equipment)
  • have a thyroid disorder uncontrollable
  • varicose veins
  • pregnant or giving intravenous fluids
  • have a skin condition related to an autoimmune disease
  • There are injections or silicone implants in the skin in the area to be treated.
  • at the discretion of the physician

Venus Legacy Lasers for Cellulite Treatment

Changes in physical appearance are common as we age. Some of these changes are insignificant invisibility. However, changes like cellulite deposition, wrinkles, etc., change the build for the worse. Cellulite is a common problem that often disturbs various people’s looks. So, people look for painless ways of cellulite reduction.

Body contouring or body shaping is the standard procedure for cellulite reduction. Various techniques present in the market claim to provide better relief and long-lasting results. But if you are looking for effective cellulite treatment, you’ll need the Venus Legacy lasers. Manufactured by Venus Treatments, these lasers combine efficiency with elegance, giving you a perfect solution for cellulite appearance.

Before and After

Venus Legacy Lasers: 

The existing demand for body contouring and skin tightening treatments is often huge. The numbers are sure to increase in the future as well. So, you can find various choices for these treatments. However, you’ll need to choose the best for effective results. Talking about the best, we have the Venus Legacy lasers providing the most effective cellulite treatment.

These lasers are highly non-invasive medical equipment working for any aesthetic procedures. You can choose the Legacy lasers for different treatments like cellulite reduction, circumference reduction, wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, etc. These lasers work great for all skin types and deliver effective results on every usage.


The Legacy lasers from Venus are powered by three different technologies to achieve multiple functionalities. These are paired with other applicators to achieve perfection in every laser procedure.

The Venus Legacy combines four technologies: 1 MHz Multi-Polar RF technology, delivering heat energy at a constant 46-50 degree range temperature, penetrating deep into the tissues at 3.75. cm up to the fat cell layer, Pulsed Magnetic technology has been used in traditional medicine for decades to rejuvenate cells. Vari-Pulse technology adjusts the suction rhythm for deeper energy penetration.

Gentle massage stimulates lymphatic flow and general circulation stimulation, and Real-Time Thermal Feedback provides real-time instantaneous thermal performance. By combining the functionality of a Hand-free thermometer with a graph that can be seen on the screen.

PEMF and Multi-Polar RF 

Multi-polar RF uses a unique algorithm to distribute the energy homogeneously on the skin surface. It also aids in volumetric heating by allowing quick yet convenient heat buildup. So, the therapeutic temperature is balanced throughout the procedure. PEMF, on the other hand, promotes collagen synthesis.

4D Body Applicator 

It is equipped with advanced pulse technologies and works for large surface areas. These lasers feature a unique array of electrodes with improved spot size. As a result, the device can cover significant depths and decreases the treatment time. Moreover, these technologies also help reach deep tissues without affecting the epidermal areas.

4D Face Applicator 

The face applicators of Legacy lasers come equipped with the same technology as the body applicators. However, the only difference is the spot size. These are intended for smaller surface areas and work great for hard-to-reach areas like the neck, cheekbones, etc. Moreover, these can also decrease the treatment time considerably.

Real-time Thermal Feedback 

The best thing about every Legacy laser applicator is the thermal feedback. It can help detect the skin’s temperature quickly and continuously. So, it can help provide a consistent and safe treatment while enhancing the patient’s safety.

VariPulse Technology 

The Legacy lasers are the only model right now that comes with advanced VariPulse technology. As in, the users can control the pulse suction and adjust the energy penetration. Also, this technology improves blood circulation and stimulates lymphatic drainage. It also eases device usage.



Results and duration

Venus Legacy can reduce cellulite. Reduce wrinkles Reduce the size of the circumference, tighten the skin, and reduce stretch marks appearance. Expel waste and stimulate blood circulation. Do 40 minutes at a time, one time per week. Do it continuously at least three times to see very clear results. no need to recuperate able to return to work normally

Care and Precautions

  • In the case of treating the abdominal area, You should eat at least 30 minutes before.
  • In the case of facial treatment, Avoid laser treatments for at least two weeks*
  • In the case of facial treatment Should be at least one month apart from Botox or filler injections*
  • In the case of facial treatment Should be at least 1-3 months apart from threading melting threads*

What guarantees does this treatment have?

The guarantee of having worked for seven years with his older brother, Venus Freeze, with whom we have achieved excellent results.

The Venus Legacy incorporates a variable suction that makes it more pleasant and faster and a thermometer to have the right temperature. In addition, it is very effective in treating edema and reducing fatty tissue with a massage.


  • 4 Handpieces included: OctiPolar, Diamond Polar, 4D Lift FX, 4D Sculpt FX
  • Three New applicators: LF1, LB1, and LB2

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