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Tattoos are the best way to keep a memory alive forever and necessarily make it a part of one’s life. However, some memories may be blessings in disguise. While some may seem significant at one point, they are more painful to remove than actually to get.

Furthermore, it is crucial to keep in mind that it is easier to find a tattoo salon and a good tattoo artist than a clinic with a powerful tattoo removal laser machine. While beautiful and meaningful, tattoos are meant to be permanent, and their removal often lasts longer than having one done.

What is laser tattoo removal?

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The only way to currently remove tattoos from our skin is by using a tattoo removal laser machine, also known as Q-Switched laser treatment. During the procedure, the ink pigments that make up the tattoo are broken apart with the help of focused light pulses that direct heat to the skin’s upper layers. The number of pulses varies depending on how deep the ink is placed into the upper layers of the skin and on its quantity.

The process does cause slightly more discomfort than getting the actual tattoo. However, most people can tolerate it without requiring any anesthetic. Furthermore, the process is split into several sessions that are placed days or weeks apart. A removal session is over far quicker than that of getting a tattoo. However, some individuals may require more than one pass to remove the pigment from their skin altogether.

The length of the removal sessions and their number also depends on the quality of the equipment used, the age of the tattoo, and the colors used. As such, a small tattoo on the wrist may only require 2-3 sessions, while a larger one may need 10-15.

Does tattoo removal work?

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A tattoo removal laser machine has been used for quite a while to remove tattoos from any part of the human body. The technology has evolved since the first equipment models initially appeared. The procedure’s success is guaranteed, and more powerful and delicate models ensure that the skin heals faster than ever before.

Even tattoos in more delicate areas, such as behind the ear, can be quickly and safely removed.

With the total number of individuals who get tattoos, up to 25% regret their decision and consult a specialist to get rid of them. Of these, all removal procedures are booming, with no complications.

Laser Tattoo Removal Side Effects. The Benefits and Risks

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There are very few risks when it comes to having a tattoo removed, and many of them usually become apparent from the point when you get tattooed. Individuals with various skin issues should proceed with caution and consult a dermatologist before going in for the removal process to determine if it could damage their skin.

Generally speaking, tattoos should never be removed if you have a skin infection, and extra caution should be taken if used to cover up a scar. In these situations, the skin is already quite sensitive, and the risk of unwanted side effects is higher than usual.

Possible Side-effects

This is has been said, here are a few of the typical side-effects that you may encounter during and after the procedure:

  • The location from which the tattoo was removed may become infected if not kept clean and protected until it heals;
  • Some types of pigment may not be entirely removed. Red ink often remains in the skin after the procedure. However, it is faded and barely noticeable;
  • Hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation may occur in some cases. Due to how the skin itself responds to the removal process, there is a slight chance that the affected area will get lighter or darker. This effect is more often encountered in the case of cosmetic tattoo removals such as lip and eyeliner tattoos;
  • The skin may also be scared in a deficient number of cases;


  • Black and blue tattoos respond very well to the procedure and may be removed entirely;
  • Laser tattoo removal is one of the safest known ways to get rid of unwanted tattoos. The possible side-effects are less dangerous and are more unlikely to occur than in the case of dermabrasion or excision;
  • The procedure is less painful than other ways to get rid of unwanted tattoos. The pain is slightly more intense than the one felt while getting tattooed, and a numbing cream can help decrease it to the point where it can barely be felt;

Tattoo removal before and after


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Everyone’s skin behaves slightly differently when it comes to the results of laser tattoo removal because characteristics such as dryness, location, tattoo age, and types and colors of ink must be considered. The specialist that one must consult before undergoing the procedure is meant to clarify these details and explain what you should expect.

However, in most cases, the skin does not remain scared, red ink and other intense pigments may not be removed completely, and the area should heal over 2-4 weeks.

Tattoo Removal Laser Machine for the cosmetic laser. A Buying Guide Review in 2021

The technology that powers the tattoo removal laser machine continuously evolves, with more manufacturers entering the market each year. Understanding which devices can get the job done the fastest and with the least amount of discomfort is essential. Below are some of the most popular and advanced pieces of equipment on the market. These are used in the world’s top tattoo removal for the aesthetic medical clinic and are highly praised by specialists and patients alike.

1. Discovery Pico ($39,999.00) – A state-of-the-art laser of painless and efficient tattoo removal procedures

Discovery PICO

The Discovery Pico is a multi-purpose, state of the art, medical laser that can be used to treat hyperpigmentation, scars caused by acne, and tattoo removal.

The device is one of the most powerful medical lasers currently available on the market and is the preferred choice in clinics worldwide due to generate higher energy levels. This makes it ideal for treating large surfaces or removing large tattoos in fewer sessions.

Specialists usually choose the Discovery Pico due to its ability to pulverize pigment particles rather than fragment them. This ensures that the skin will heal faster and guarantees that the pigment will be removed to a greater degree. The high speed of the light pulses is described by patients as non-painful, warm pricks on the skin, making the device ideal for removing tattoos from more sensitive areas.

Most tattoos can be removed with 10-15 sessions, and the only visible side-effect is light redness of the affected skin that disappears a few hours after the treatment.


  • Minor discomfort than with other devices – The speed of the pulses makes it difficult for the body to feel them. This makes the device more efficient but also less painful than other devices, even on sensitive skin such as the neck and face;
  • Pulverization, not fragmentation – The laser pulverizes and dissipates ink pigments to ensure that the tattoo can no longer be seen, with far fewer sessions than what other devices would require;
  • No hyperpigmentation risk – The Discovery Pico has been designed to avoid hyperpigmentation after tattoo removal procedures;

2. Alma Q Laser – A Customizable Medical Laser That Offers Unprecedented Flexibility

The Alma Q is more than a simple tattoo removal laser machine. The device can perform a large variety of functions and is usually the main piece of medical equipment in a clinic precisely because it can serve several functions.

While most tattoo removal laser machine only does a single job, the Alma Q has q-switch, Long Pulse, and Quasi-LP Nd: YAG functionality. Furthermore, the device comes with a Double Pulse Mode that ensures that the maximum amount of energy is delivered.

In terms of versatility, the Alma Q can focus on multiple wavelengths and comes with depth control functions that make it easy to target specific tissue areas, not just the upper layers of skin. During the tattooing process, the needles can deposit ink in different layers of the skin, and the ability to control the depth that the light pulses reach helps ensure that all artificial pigment will be removed. 

The device is compatible with a variety of applicators that can be used in different situations to maximize the effect of the equipment.


  • Three main functions: Q-switch, Long Pulse, and Quasi-LP Nd: Yag – The multiple functions help treat a variety of skin-related issues without requiring additional equipment;
  • Depth control – The unique depth control function makes it ideal for removing tattoos, regardless of how deep the ink has been inserted into the skin;
  • Multiple wavelengths – The ability to set the device to affect different wavelengths can help remove any ink color;

3. Piqo4 Laser ($15,999.00) – A powerful laser that gets the job done in a shorter time

piQo4 laser

While developed to treat a wide variety of skin conditions, the Piqo4 often outperforms similar devices for tattoo removal. The Piqo4 tattoo removal laser machine can remove any ink pigment from the skin by using a versatile technique that delivers both Nano and Picosecond light pulses.

The alternating duration of the pulses ensures it is meant to remove pigments of different sizes. When used, the device can efficiently break down the ink stored in the skin so that the body may easily flush it out of the system.

Tattoo removal sessions take less than with other devices due to the model’s increased power and efficiency. In most cases, these sessions only take a couple of minutes, and complete removal can be done in as few as six procedures. While these days do have to be spread apart over time to allow the skin to recover, the healing process takes far less than other medical lasers.


  • Dual Mode – The ability to deliver Pico and Nanosecond bursts of energy ensures that pigments of all sizes are efficiently targeted and broken down;
  • Fewer and shorter sessions – Tattoo removal can be done in only a few treatments that last 10 minutes at most and cause more minor discomfort than other procedures;
  • Not damaging to the skin – Treatments with the laser do not cause scabbing, rashes, or excessive redness, making it perfect for removing facial tattoos;

4. Cutera Enlighten ($35,000.00) – A dual pulse laser designed for multiple types of treatment

cutera enlighten

As with the previous model, the Cutera Enlighten uses dual pulses to quickly and efficiently remove tattoos. However, its ability to set dual wavelengths ensures that the risk of leaving a faded-out shadow of the pigment is minimal. The Nanopulses affect larger pigment particles, pulverizing them, and the nano ones further fragment the ink to enable the body to eliminate it quickly.

While other lasers may be developed to serve multiple purposes in a clinic, this model is focused solely on removing tattoos as efficiently and with as little discomfort as possible and on skin revitalization.

Depending on the color of the pigment, the number of sessions required to remove a tattoo ultimately may vary. Black and gray are removed with greater ease than blue and red. However, the Cutera Enlighten can effectively remove any pigment from the skin.


  • Treats congenital issues and lesions – The 670 nm wavelength that is unique to this device efficiently treats genetic pigmentary conditions;
  • Multi-wavelength capabilities – The device can easily remove green and blue tattoo pigment, which are generally more difficult to remove than others;
  • Pico Genesis – The laser uses revolutionary technology to induce dermal disruption and quickly revitalize skin;

5. Alex Trivantage ($11,000.00) – A 3-in-1 Medical Laser Built for Flexibility

Alex Trivantage

As the name implies, the Alex TriVantage is a laser that has been designed to treat three main categories of skin-related issues. While the device primarily focuses on treating skin pigmentation issues, it also removes tattoo ink from the skin.

The model is also known for being one of the more comfortable lasers to use. It has ergonomic handpieces, a responsive touch-screen display, and a compact design that makes it easy to move between treatment rooms.

Both a 755nm laser and a 1064 YAG one are included with the device, making it an excellent choice for cases in which the lesions are deeper in the skin or have a darker color.

Tattoo removal using the Alex TriVantage is less harmful to the skin when compared to other similar products. The recovery period is shorter and less uncomfortable than in other cases.


  • Versatile – The device comes with a 755nm and a 1064 YAG laser that can be used to treat a variety of skin lesions, including tattoo ink that has been inserted more in-depth into the skin;
  • Rejuvenation and lesion treatment – The device is primarily designed to treat skin lesions and be used in rejuvenation treatments. This versatility and its compact design make it ideal for clinics that accept a wider variety of cases and patients;
  • Triple-wavelength – The laser can remove even extremely bright tattoo pigment colors with ease, making it ideal for large, brightly colored tattoos;

6. Picoway Laser ($35,000.00) – A reliable, FDA approved medical laser

picoway laser

The PicoWay is considered one of the most reliable ways to remove acne scars, tattoos, wrinkles, and skin lesions such as dark spots. Furthermore, it is the chosen device of rejuvenation clinics worldwide and is extremely popular among fashion models and other personalities.

One of the primary qualities that differentiate the PicoWay laser from any other product on the market is that the skin does not need time to recover after treatment. This makes it useful for those who have very active lifestyles and cannot afford to wait until their skin heals after procedures.

The device can be used on any body part for any medical procedure, including tattoo removal. However, the fact that it does not harm the skin in any way makes it extremely useful for procedures that involve the skin on the face, neck, and the inner areas of the arms and legs.


  • No healing time required – The device emits extremely short pulses of energy that do not harm the skin;
  • Perfect for sensitive areas – The laser is delicate enough to use on more sensitive areas without having to worry about blemishes and scars;
  • No heat – the functioning principle behind the device is photoacoustic, not photothermal, so the skin does not overheat during treatment, requiring a downtime period before the next session;

7. Fotona Starwalker – A Medical Laser That Can Use Four Wavelengths Simultaneously

The Fotona Starwalker is one of the most advanced medical lasers on the market. While other models can only use 2-3 wavelengths simultaneously, the Starwalker can combine four. This makes it the go-to device for tattoo removal procedures as it can target and pulverize any pigment at the same time.

Furthermore, the Variable Square Pulse technology enables the device to target specific depths and efficiently remove either natural or artificial pigmentation. This capability is further augmented because the q-switched laser can deliver 10 J of energy, enough to treat even more profound and darker pigmentation lesions.

In terms of usability, the interface of the device is intuitive and easy to use. Specialists accustomed to other models will be able to use it in a matter of minutes. The model’s memory can store presets for a large number of patients, making repeat treatments far more comfortable than with other lasers.


  • A wide range of procedure settings – The device can be set for MaQX, VERDE, FRAC3, and VERSA3. These are used to treat pigmentation issues, to remove tattoos, and for collagen treatments;
  • Intuitive controls – The operating system of the device includes wizards that can help set up the laser for a variety of procedures;
  • Setting memory – The laser can store the settings required for the treatments of various patients, making it easy to use for extensive treatments that need multiple sessions;

8. Cynosure Picosure ($25,999.00) – A tattoo removal medical laser that comes with a boost function

Cynosure Picosure

The PicoSure model can use three different wavelengths to maximize the efficiency of treatments and tattoo removal procedures. While it is not primarily developed for removing artificial ink pigments from the skin, it does feature this function. The ability to use three wavelengths enables it to target multiple colors at once.

Tattoos that are deeper than normal can be removed using the Boost function of the laser, which increases power to get to pigment particles that would otherwise be difficult to reach with other models.

A feature that sets the PicoSure apart from other models is the ability to remove black tattoos from patients with darker skin without causing hypopigmentation where the affected area would remain brighter than usual, effectively leaving a mark.


  • Multiple wavelengths – The ability to use three wavelengths ensures that even brighter colors will be successfully removed from the skin of the patient;
  • No hypopigmentation on darker skin – The laser can be set to remove black tattoos from the skin without causing hypopigmentation in the affected area;

9. Medlite C6 ($9,999.00) – A quality laser that produces reliable regardless of pigments

Medlite C6

The MedLite C6 is extremely popular in skin treatment clinics worldwide due to its ability to remove tattoos and treat wrinkles and revitalize skin. The device produces reliable results in terms of pigment removal, regardless of skin tone.

While the device is effective when removing monochrome tattoos, it does come with 585nm and 650nm MultiLite handpieces designed to remove multicolored tattoos in shorter amounts of time. The handpieces can also be used to treat lesions that require low fluences.

The ability to set the device’s power makes it easy to control the speed at which the skin heals after treatment. The design of the laser prevents the overheating of the affected skin, so there is no need for downtime. Overall, the treated skin recovers in only a couple of hours.


  • 585nm and 650nm Handpieces – The device comes with handpieces for the removal of multicolored tattoos;
  • No downtime – The skin does not require rest after a treatment session and heals in a few hours;

10. Astanza Trinity System – One of the fastest tattoo removal laser machines on the market

The Trinity laser is considered to be one of the fastest lasers of its type. It boasts a 2-hertz repetition rate for the energy pulses, which can essentially cut the treatment session time in half without overheating or damaging the skin.

As far as power is concerned, the device can remove large tattoos regardless of color or the depth at which the pigment s situated due to its 14 J of fluence. This ensures that no marks will remain, even when removing colorful tattoos.

Another essential feature is the oval beam of the laser that balances precision with a large enough surface area to both follow thin strokes of ink and cover spaces that are filled out with ink.


  • Two lasers – The Trinity System comes with two standalone lasers that deliver unprecedented levels of power;
  • Fast procedures – the 2-hertz repetition rate enables the device to cover large portions of skin in record time. This includes tattoo removal treatments as well as other medical procedures such as skin rejuvenation;


All of the devices above are designed to remove unwanted tattoos. They are all extremely popular among specialists, and their effects are highly appreciated by those who have undergone tattoo removal procedures.

While some may be more expensive than others, each one can get the job done in a dozen sessions or less. The time required to remove the pigment from the skin ultimately depends on the colors used and on the type of skin of the patient. However, unlike other tattoo removal techniques, they represent a healthier and far less painful solution.

Of the devices mentioned above, one of the more interesting models is the Alma Q Laser due to its high customizability and power. Metropolis Laser Centre is the answer for the lasers you need in your clinic.