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Exchanges, Returns & Refunds


  1. All returned merchandise will incur a 15 percent restocking/reconditioning fee if the box/crate/container has been opened.
  2. All product must be returned in its original box with original packaging materials and must be packed in such a manner that it will not incur damages in return transit. Any damages to goods are the customer’s sole responsibility and injury claims are between the carrier and customer.
  3. Refunds and exchanges will be supplied within 30 days from the first date of purchase.All credits and staying refunds for merchandise will be supplied back to the client in the form of original payment form.
  4. Custom orders cannot be returned for any reason at all. Customers are responsible for all return shipping fees.
  5. All returns must be accepted metropolislasercentre.com before they are returned and must be accompanied by an RMA number
  6. there’ll be no cash refund issued for funded orders, only store credit will be issued for financed orders.
  7. Return shipping costs are at the expense of the customer.

What Payment Accepted?

Best Ways to Send Money Internationally


1. Bank Transfer / Wire Transfer

Please make payment to our bank account. Go to the nearest bank or send a transfer via internet banking. Just bring the bank details the system generated for you to the nearest bank to complete the transfer or go to your internet banking account to complete this transfer.


2. PayPal

We no longer accept PAYPAL.

NOTE: You can use the credit card online via TransferWise.com

Transferring via PayPal costs a minimum of 4.5% when transferring money across borders. MassPay, their cheapest method charges a 2% fee and then adds a 2.5% currency transfer fee.

If you send $1000 abroad, PayPal charges you $45. By using TransferWise, you are only charged a maximum of 1% for the transfer and no hidden fee for the currency exchange, which means the total cost is $10. That’s quite a difference!


3. Credit Card

Since June 2018, we no longer accept credit cards due to Interchange fees, also known as “swipe fees,” are about 4.5% per transaction.

NOTE : You can use the credit card online via TransferWise.com

Warranty Policy

Limitations of Warranty

  1. Your purchase is covered by a 1 Year limited warranty. Some items come with Lifetime Warranty in the event the guarantee term goes to the lifetime of the device, but each of the other warranty limitation still apply such as improper use, damage as a result of natural elements, water damage and etc.
  2. metropolislasercentre.com won’t, under any circumstances, be liable for abuse, misuse, normal wear and tear, alteration, improper care, unauthorized repair, design concepts, any chipping, peeling or fading of laminate or any acts of nature, including, fire, water damage, freeze, etc..
  3. metropolislasercentre.com reserves the right to replace any discontinued item with a like or similar product.
  4. All transit costs for items returned to metropolislasercentre.com or replaced by metropolislasercentre.com is your sole responsibility of the customer.



2 Year guarantee from date of invoice.

  1. This Warranty DOES NOT COVER malfunction and/or manufacturer’s defects discoverable upon reasonable inspection based on delivery, unless Warranty holder (1) submits photograph of flaw or damage taken no later than date of shipping; and (2) reports flaw or damage to Company within 24 hours of date of delivery. Notwithstanding anything to contrary herein stated, this Warranty DOES NOT apply to some malfunction or manufacturer’s defect unless Warranty holder: (1) obtains a return authorization number issued by Company; (two ) ships damaged or defective merchandise to Business under that authorization amount together with original packaging and tracking number of carrier pursuant to which equipment was originally delivered; (3) pays all costs related to return shipment of equipment to Company; (4) pays Company a restocking fee of twenty five percent (25%) of the invoice cost (inclusive of any and all expenses and costs incurred by Company in packaging, shipping transporting or otherwise delivering replacement equipment to Customer). The business will issue company credit just for returns. No refunds.
  2. Any shipment that is denied by the provider without first calling metropolislasercentre.com may be subject to a 25% restocking fee or our price for shipping – whichever is greater.
  3. If you have an item which for safety reasons cannot be repackaged, you may be charged a restocking fee to accounts for parts which can’t be reused.


Return Refund Requirements

  1. Item must maintain new state. If freight damage occurred during shipping you must call within 24 hours of receipt to inform metropolislasercentre.com therefore that we can follow up a claim with the shipping carrier
  2. Item has to be returned in the original packaging. Save your initial packaging after opening. metropolislasercentre.com can’t offer you a complete refund without our original manufacturer packaging.


Steps to return an item:

Call one of our representatives at metropolislasercentre.com to let us know you would like to return your item. Your agent will add you to the Returns Database and send you along with metropolislasercentre.com Return Authorization Form.